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In the year 2000, private investigator Peter Andrassy, a native Hungarian and retired NYC detective, may abandon investigatory work.


Since moving back to Budapest, he’s struggled to find new clients and believes technology has passed him by. Stephen Nagy, an American student attending an international business school in Budapest, tells Peter he met a stunning student from Britain named Samantha. Bold and confident, she’s everything that Stephen is not, and he thinks it might be love. But after their third date, she stopped attending class, and he’s desperate to know why.

Stephen tries to hire Peter, who is hesitant to take the case, worrying it may reveal skeletons from his past. Eventually, Peter agrees but quickly becomes frustrated by how little Stephen seems to know about the woman he claims to love. The case takes a turn when Peter realizes her disappearance may be connected with an infidelity case he is simultaneously working. Is Samantha the woman Stephen thinks she is? Peter may have to risk his life to find out.


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Young women are disappearing in Budapest at an alarming rate. Where are they going, and who is taking them? 
Peter Andrassy, a retired NYC detective, has reluctantly accepted a new position with the human-trafficking task force in Budapest. He returned to Hungary to avoid violent crimes against women, and now finds himself surrounded by them. 
He’s at a crossroads when a young woman comes to him begging for help. Her best friend has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. When Zsuzsa, the intoxicating bartender he’s developed feelings for offers to help. He knows he’s walking a dangerous line. Will he put another woman he loves at risk? Can he trust the other members of the task force?  
Buy Pursuit of Demons now and learn if Peter can save the missing women and uncover the truth.



Revealing the Shadows

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Peter’s conflicted. Should he pursue his wife’s killer in NYC or expose the head of the trafficking syndicate in Budapest?
In the year 2001, Peter Andrassy, a consultant for the Hungarian National Police and former NYC detective, finds himself imprisoned for the murder of his friend and employer. He knows he’s been incarcerated to prevent further investigation into the thriving human trafficking syndicate in Budapest. While in jail, he realizes who was behind the murder of his wife last year in NYC. He knows the longer he remains locked up, the more likely his life is at risk. Can he get out? If he does, which case will he pursue?
Buy Revealing the Shadows today and learn if Peter can expose the truth.

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