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One Desperate Life

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She’s pregnant with his child when he deserts her.

Home in 1912 Chicago for summer, Louise Clifford finds herself, once again, lost in the shadow of her more accomplished sister. When the alluring Texan, Charles Watson, pursues her, she clings to the lifeline he promises. However, after six weeks of bliss, he abruptly leaves.

Hurt and angry, she sneaks away in search of him. Finding him in his hometown of Austin, she’s confused to learn he’s answering to a different name. Now everything he told her back in Chicago is in question. She’s trapped. She needs him but knows he’s not the man she knew…

What else could he be hiding?



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The Vanished Series

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Two graduate students fall in love; one goes missing.…

In the year 2000, Peter Andrassy is heartbroken by the murder of his wife. Widowed for a year and hoping to mend his broken heart, the former NYC detective has returned to his home country of Hungary to work as a private investigator when he’s contacted by an American graduate student who is desperate to find his missing British girlfriend.

A gifted interrogator, Peter senses the boyfriend is intentionally withholding information. Could it be related to sex trafficking? Young women, often foreign, disappear daily in the capital city, never to be seen again. The clock is ticking, and the case is growing cold.

Can Peter find Samantha before it’s too late?

Vanished From Budapest is the gripping first book in the Vanished series. If you like unique characters, intriguing settings, and hard-boiled detectives, then you’ll love D.J. Maughan’s page-turning abduction thriller.

Buy Vanished From Budapest to see if Samantha is indeed a victim of trafficking.

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